I asked Jim Emmett to help me with my on-ice training program the summer of 2006. He came highly recommended by an NHL scout and other pro players. It was a great fit! We identified the hockey areas I wanted to work on. We then practiced with specific and challenging drills. He broke me down and developed proper fundamentals and technique with every skill. I was truly impressed the way Jim helped me. He had a very positive, enthusiastic and communicative style. I’m happy to say my feet feel quicker, my skating stride is longer, more powerful, efficient and definitely noticed more speed. It was hard to believe that I could improve so quickly, what he does works. In my past experiences with other power skating instruction over the years, this has been by far the best teaching, development and results I have had. Thanks again, Jim, for all your instruction, guidance and great work. Your passion, knowledge & teaching is immeasurable. I highly recommend you for any pro hockey players wanting to improve their skating and skills, and to have that extra edge. I continue to work with Jim in the off-season to improve and maintain my skating, skills and level of play with great satisfaction. – Corey Locke NHL Montreal Canadians / Hamilton Bull Dogs AHL (all time Leading Scorer) Calder Cup Champion / AHL Playoffs Leading Scorer  NHL New York Rangers / AHL Hartford Wolfpack (Leading Scorer) NHL Ottawa Senators / Binghamton Senators AHL (Leading scorer) 2010-2011 AHL Leading Scorer & voted AHL Most Valuable Player 6-Time AHL All-Star (all time All Star leading scorer) 2 – Time OHL MVP & Leading Scorer / Ottawa 67’s Canadian Hockey League Major Jr.A Leading Scorer & Player of the Year
Corey Locke - NHL Player (Montreal Canadians, New York Rangers, Ottawa Senators)
Whether you’re in Pee-Wee, Major Jr. / College, or a 10 yr. NHL veteran, the one constant is: there’s always room for improvement, as the great Michael Jordan always said, “even the best can get better”. With his passion, knowledge, teaching abilities, development of skills and ability to relate to people of all ages and skill levels, including Pro players, Jim Emmett can help those who are serious about helping themselves improve their skating, fundamental & game skills, and reach the next levels. – Kevin Weeks
Kevin Weeks - NHL Hockey Analyst (CBC) | 12 yr. NHL Veteran (Hurricanes, Rangers & Devils)
Hi Jim, We just wanted to take a moment to thank you on behalf of my son’s, Clinton and Connor!   As a father, I appreciate how, you and your coaching staff did an excellent job challenging Clinton and Connor at each ice session and getting them to work harder on the ice; more so than I have seen them work before. Your team brings positive energy on and off the ice and it translates to the kids as having fun but working hard and learning. I would like to thank you for your continued hard work and dedication to the sport. The respect you show the participants is one of the many reasons my son’s requests your camps over the many others offered. Your ability to motivate the kids to perform their best all the while correcting and adjusting anything that is necessary is truly admirable. The kids are never made to feel inferior or centered out, but shown how to improve on either a new skill or an existing ability in such a way that they understand both why and how to complete the task. Your program and teaching style have helped my son’s gain confidence in their on ice skills which is apparent come game time. I appreciate the time and effort taken to achieve such positive results and look forward to your next sessions. But also the development of a strong character that comes with the level of coaching you provide. Your positive, respectful attitude toward all players is often something we reflect on when discussing hockey. It’s all part and parcel of being a good player, a great teammate and learning about and developing personal goals. Your training covers both the mental and physical part of the game which fosters growth as a player and as a teammate.   You should be very proud of the fact that they constantly rave about your positive teaching techniques that keep the learning fun, but also about your ability to keep them pushing to be better. As a parent, what more can we ask for? As far as their skill development, I have already noticed a great improvement in their skating, stick skills and puck protection. Another thing I appreciate as parent is when I come to pick them up or drop them off you are always there to greet us with a smile an always take the time to speak with everyone coming and going. We truly appreciate your commitment, not just to Clinton and Connor but to all the kids. We can tell you genuinely care. I watched a couple of your sessions and I appreciate that you also correct the kids as they try to progress through the skills you’re teaching at the time. You don’t just teach them and stand there, you reinforce what you just taught. You treat each child equally and try to spend time with them all no matter the skill level or age!!!   Thanks for doing what you do with the passion I hope will rub off on my kids!! You have made a lasting impression on our boys and just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated it.
Wayne Kaboni - British Columbia
My son and I first happened to see Jim Emmett a few years back. All we knew at the time was that the trainer on the ice was wearing a Pro Tech hockey jacket. He was training another older player at an early morning session. We were both fixated and impressed with the approach, and how the trainer’s (Jim’s) knowledge of skating and game techniques was evident even to us as spectators. My son had played hockey and participated in many instructional settings to learn the sport. It was clear that this was something unique.   We decided then and there to seek out Pro Tech hockey, and found Jim. My son was eager to demonstrate his interest and willingness to become a better hockey player. Jim made it a team effort from the start, noting that if the player had the effort to put forth, results would be achieved. He had always attended group sessions in the past. These were helpful, but never produced the detailed input that we had seen Jim give his player early that morning in the rink.   From the outset, we were incredibly pleased with the results. Improvements are evident within each session. Erik has returned for multiple sessions over a number of years to elevate his hockey abilities, skills and compete level to a higher standard. Jim’s emphasizes proper skating techniques, and his drills help the player build confidence to apply those techniques in game situations. He gets the player to think about what they are doing with each drill and how it will help them and their team on the ice. It has given a boost to my son’s confidence and made a big difference in his skating effectiveness. Return sessions for tuning and continued improvement, always amaze my son – he achieves additional output from the same degree of input. Agility, quickness, power – all get better. His smile and attitude after a hard working session says it all.   Apart from his ability to teach, Jim’s approach is encouraging and supportive. Jim is an excellent trainer/instructor who inspires young hockey players to want to excel, never give up, and to always keep working. He is patient, and creates a positive atmosphere giving my son better tools to use both on and off the ice. Jim corrects mistakes by teaching, but also explains and demonstrates why things have to be done a certain way. In the end, my son has become a better skater and all-around hockey player as a result of a highly skilled coach who really cares about his players.   Erik looks forward to each session, knowing he is getting the guidance, the tools, the support and the push to excel to the best of his abilities.
Gunars Robeznieks - Ontario
I have been involved with Pro Tech Hockey Academy now for three years. Jim came highly recommended by numerous coaches within the WGHA & WMHA. I was looking for additional development for my team and this is where Jim came in. He quickly developed a rapport with each player and staff member. His programming, teaching and level of instruction were incredible and the girls quickly learned new and challenging techniques. Jim’s knowledge and skill level was quickly transferred to the players and they began to improve almost immediately. I was very impressed with the results and the overall level of improvement that each player showed. I continue to use Jim for all my team development. Jim is the epitome of all hockey development programs.
Russ Winters , Phys. Education Teacher | WGHA Head Coach | House League Director, Junior Divisions - Ontario
I just wanted to tell you and your guys what a pleasure it was for my son to be involved with your camp. The professionalism, knowledge and friendliness you show towards your pupils is to be commended. He has been playing hockey for 8 years, the last 3 being at the AAA level with the Philadelphia Jr. Flyers and has been to many camps throughout the U.S. in that time. His excitement over what he had developed and learned at the end of your camp was unparalleled with our past experiences. The breakdown of the fundamentals, pace of the drills, the attention to detail and most importantly the passion you exhibit during your instruction is the best we’ve seen. I would certainly recommend your camp to anyone interested in improving their game!
Chuck Lewis - Pennsylvania
Your knowledge and teaching is immeasurable. Always remember that your individual attention in the teaching and development of the skills is what sets you apart from everyone else. My son has told me that you are the only school he wants to attend. We also wanted to update you with some extremely exciting news, he made the Pee-Wee AAA team, Thanks to Pro Tech! Jim you have been a huge part of our sons success and we hope you are able to continue to develop him. See you at the next Pro Tech skate.
Nigel Madge - Ontario
He really enjoyed the camp! He came home tired (that’s a good thing!) but excited every night. He said that it was intense, challenging, but very positive and well run. He learned a lot. The power skating was especially valuable. He very quickly grew to admire and respect you Jim and your skill and knowledge of the game. And just as importantly, your ability to coach and teach. I’m anxious to see how he applies what he learned to his game in the upcoming season. He’s really come a long way in the last year or so and it was your camp that really helped prepare him for the AAA level – not only in skill development but in confidence and attitude too. Thanks for doing a great job with my son! He learned a lot and had a great time. We look forward to being a part of your program in the coming years!
Dennis McCaughey - Pennsylvania
Our sons attended the weekend camp held April 30- May 2, in Duluth, GA. All three skate/play at different levels and Jim did an excellent job of identifying each of their strengths and weaknesses and improving the level of both areas in a short time. Your system of the right way and personal touch definitely describe the experience that our boys had at your clinic. Our older two boys have attended a few other camps and Jim is by far the most skilled at developing, managing, encouraging, and interacting with young players of all of the camps that we have attended. Your passion for hockey is both instantly apparent and catching. We are signed up for the next summer camp and our sons can’t wait to see you again! You have made such a difference in our children’s lives.
C. Wood - Georgia
We are writing in an effort to express to you our appreciation of the time and effort you place in the Pro Tech clinics and camps. The personal attention and instruction for each participant is amazing. Our son has attended camps in the past, none compare to Pro Tech. We have seen results in his overall skating and puck control skills. Your professional expertise and experience in all aspects of the game; on and off the ice have helped him understand the hard work and dedication it takes to develop as a player. We will continue to bring our son to your camps and clinics so he may benefit from all Pro Tech has to offer! He made and continues to play AAA for the Philadelphia Jr. Flyers. Thanks again!
Daryl Kauffman - Pennsylvania
My son’s participation in your Lancaster camp was last minute but extremely worthwhile. It was clearly evident for me to see your passion devoted to each child’s personal improvement, and your desire to instill the intangibles of the game in each player as well as skills. By intangibles I mean mental toughness, desire, effort, coachability, education, & being a well rounded athlete. I was pleased to see you teaching the progression of each skill from the most basic breakdown to the final application of the skill. I believe this is something that will help any player at any level reach their “next level”. I definitely will plan for my son to continue to attend future camps.
Joe Garrett - Pennsylvania
Thanks Coach Jim!! Your passion for the sport of hockey captivates those you coach. You create a high-energy learning environment with a strong focus on correct technique. The progress in skill development that my son made from week to week, as a direct result of your individualized coaching, was remarkable. This development will provide the foundation for my son”s goal of playing competitive hockey. He has recently been successful in meeting his first challenge (tryouts). He made the travel team! Your slogan: “Commitment to Excellence” is truly representative in the programs you offer. Looking forward to your next hockey camp!
Tammie Lightheart - Ontario
I just wanted to let you know that Sarah has made the girls PeeWee A team – she is very excited! I want to say thanks for everything that you have taught her. Greg Hart (PeeWee A Coach) has commented on how much she has improved from two years ago when she first put on hockey skates until now. Thanks for showing her the skating skills to be able to make an A level hockey team after only two seasons.
Terry & Terri Lynn Buote - Ontario
Jim, I was totally impressed with the caliber of skills taught at your clinic. My 12 year old son play’s at the AAA level and has been to plenty of clinics and camps over the years and I was disappointed with a few so I try to be very careful as to where I spend my money now. I feel my money was more than well spent and well worth the price for the high level of skills my son learned. After only one 2 hour session he was skating faster than I had EVER seen him skate. He said to me afterwards in his own words “I was skating so fast with the puck I couldn’t even make out the lines on the ice”. Thanks again Jim, you definitely improved his game and confidence, I know where our future clinics and camps will be. Look forward to seeing you again.
Kevin Jeffers - Ontario
Nick was really impressed with the on ice sessions you put him through. He says he learned stuff he had never been taught before, and definitely notices an improvement with his skating.
Dan Esposto - Ontario
On a personal note I want you to know Tyler is really enjoying his year with the Bantam “AAA’ Nickel City Sons in Sudbury and I thank your camp totally for getting him their from AA hockey. It is unbelievable to see your son improve so much, in such a short time. He can’t wait to attend your camp again and continue to improve his skills.
Terry - Ontario
Our son Matthew attended your hockey camp again this summer in Espanola and has made tremendous gains with his skating and skills.  He is now playing on a AAA Pee-Wee team after only playing A level hockey a year ago, it is a testament to your program and is a big reason our son was able to make the jump to the highest level in such a short time. Word’s can’t describe how excited and thankful we are as a family.   Thank You! Thank You!
Peter & Christine Craig - Ontario
Jim, just a quick note to thank you and your staff for all of the effort you devoted to improving Read’s skating and hockey skills. Your love of the game and enthusiasm with instructing little people in correct skating and puck handling techniques is infectious. Over the week, I saw not only a marked improvement in Read’s abilities, but more importantly in my view, a HUGE shift in his attitude towards improving his skills through hard work and practice. Again, thanks so much Jim for all of your efforts, they are appreciated.
David Wilkin - Saskatchewan
As you know he had 2.5 hours with Pro Tech this afternoon. Well, I don’t know what Jim was teaching and developing those guys this week but they were FLYING!!! at their AAA practice. Skating, stick handling, shooting– they were doing it all! with noticeable improvement. My only regret is that I can’t be there to watch this week. Oh well, I’ve got our Sunday AAA game to look forward to. See you at the next ice session.
Bill Oliver - Ontario
At the beginning of our season we invited Jim Emmett of Pro Tech Hockey to run three power skating sessions for our girl’s Atom A hockey team. As a coach it was interesting for me to watch our team during each of the sessions. What amazed me, was that I saw a noticeable improvement in skating technique of all the girls in our very first session with Pro Tech. The three sessions that Pro Tech Hockey put on for us were extremely positive. Jim is very knowledgable, passionate and professional he was well received by all players and parents. I would highly recommend Pro Tech Hockey to any other minor hockey coach, looking to push their team to the next level!
Geoff Jones, Head Coach (Cambridge Roadrunners- Atom A Team) - Ontario
Thanks. You are the best. I just love your passion, energy, enthusiasm, and POSITIVE attitude. Your personal approach is wonderful. Don’t ever lose that. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday.
Jeanette Auger - Ontario
My son Matthew has been to several clinics, since he began playing over the past few year’s and this, by far, has been the best one yet.  He had a great time and I could see him improve each day.  Look forward to seeing “ya’ll” in the summer.  Take Care and Stay Well. Thanks again,
Mary Maloof - Georgia
Dear Jim and Staff, On behalf of Matthew and us, we would like to thank you for everything you have done this week to help Matthew develop his hockey skills.  Matthew learned so much this week! He says he is going to continue staying in shape and seems very proud of what he accomplished.  We were very impressed with the organization of your camp, the discipline and the level of training and skill development. Thanks again for the great experience!
Peter and Christine Craig - Ontario
I just wanted to let you guys know what an awesome job you guys do with the kids.  The improvement Nathan has made is tremendous and he has now made the travel A team after playing only one season of spring hockey.  What he looked like before camp and after camp are like night and day.  As a coach myself, I found your unique ability to teach the fundamentals of the skills and get the best out of Nathan very special.  I recommend your camp to all the hockey parents I come in contact with and I know Nathan is looking forward to camp this year.  I also look forward to seeing you guys again this year and hope to also take some time off to observe and learn myself.  Thanks for all you, Rick, and the other coaches do, on and off the ice.
Mark Fishman - Georgia