Our Advanced Systems

At Pro Tech Hockey Academy Inc.® we have trademarked two unique systems into our hockey development programs,       The Right Way™ and The Personal Touch™


The Right Way™

Step 1: Stationary Mode

Step 2: Motion

Step 3: Drill Format

This method provides an easier understanding and feel for the fundamentals, in the development of the player’s skating and skills. We find this to be very successful and have experienced greater and quicker results. It also builds a much more solid foundation and confidence level in the players, when performing the drills. At Pro Tech Hockey Academy Inc.® we build a solid foundation before we develop the proper structure of a hockey player.


The Personal Touch™

Step 1: Demonstrate Proper Technique

Step 2: Correct

Step 3: Reinforce

This method is to demonstrate proper technique of the fundamentals in skating and all skills of a hockey player, along with an explanation. We pay attention to detail, as we observe the players during all drills, correct the players with a verbal and hands-on approach, and reinforce the drills. This is applied on a continuing basis throughout the programs until we get results with all players

At Pro Tech Hockey Academy Inc.® our students receive maximum personal attention.