About Pro Tech Hockey Academy Inc.

AT PRO TECH HOCKEY ACADEMY INC.® we are technical, advanced and creative in the proper development of our hockey programs for all levels, house league, A, AA, AAA, ages 8 to 16, boys and girls. We have specialized hockey programs available for defensemen and forwards, ages 16 and up, at the AAA, Junior, University, College, OHL, and Pro levels.

Two unique systems have been trademarked by our team and incorporated into all of our hockey development programs, The Right Way™ and The Personal Touch™

Our team continually studies and focuses on developing proper techniques for each component of a hockey player from head to toe, the progression of each skill from the breakdown of all fundamentals to the final application of the skill. This is crucial and of the utmost importance in identifying, and detecting weaknesses for the proper development and improvement of their skating and all skills required until we get results. At Pro Tech Hockey Academy Inc.® we’re setting a benchmark for all players for the future.

At Pro Tech Hockey Academy Inc.® we demand 110% effort, we also maximize our students to their fullest potential, pushing them out of their comfort zone, and on to the next level. We instill this into all of our students to help them achieve or fulfill their goals. At Pro Tech we develop a very positive, disciplined, and confident atmosphere by using a method of positive reinforcement and encouragement throughout our hockey development programs.

We incorporate, teach, reinforce proper technique of fundamentals in our drills, which we have found to provide better, quicker results and success in the development of the player. We progress our drills into a more advanced, challenging and technical stage as the players develop and are ready for the next level. You can’t put the cart before the horse. It’s like a ladder, one step at a time.

Our drills are also repetitive in nature, but not overly repetitive, as the player will lose focus and boredom sets in, therefore the drill becomes non-developmental. We have a lot of flow and a high level of intensity in our drills, which helps develop great stamina and work ethic for the conditioning of our students. At Pro Tech Hockey Academy Inc.® we add a competitive nature to the drills so our students can better develop the competitive edge needed to compete and lead to more success in the game of hockey.